Client Speak

Visitor Visa Assistance

Listen to Mahen talk about his experience of working with Kiwi Fern on his relatives Visitor Visa.

Hi my name is Mahendra Patel, I am here since 1990
When did you get in touch with Kiwifern?
I want to apply for a visitor’s visa extension for my in laws and KiwiFern helped me in the process. The advice was very helpful easy. They showed me the right way to lodge an application without further hassle.
How likely are you to recommend KiwiFern to others?
I definitely recommend friends and family to go with KiwiFern for immigration application, for any type of visa – student visa, extension of visa, travel visa, or permanent residency – just see KiwiFern first! Thank you.

Visitor Visa Assistance

Listen to Birender talk about his experience of working with Kiwi Fern on his wife's Visitor Visa after marriage.

Student Visa Assistance

Listen to Komal and Harry speak about their experience of working with Kiwi Fern on Komal's Student Visa.

My name is Komal, and I’m from Vijaynagar, Rajasthan. I had just completed my year ten there, so after completing the year, I spoke to my uncle about this topic, so he suggested I come to New Zealand for my further studies.
Why was New Zealand the best option for Komal?
I have been living in NZ for the last six years. I did my studies here, so I know how the education system works, its more practical so she can have her future here. Then she agreed and that’s how we started the process.
How did you get in touch with Kiwi Fern?
My friend recommended me. I spoke to Aparna over the phone and she said, “This will be the whole process, and this is how we can begin”. The actual process was really smooth, I didn’t feel like there were any complications. I was worried in the beginning, but the way Aparna managed the entire process was great, she provided me with everything that I required, from colleges, my offer letter, fee structure and everything.
How likely are you to recommend Kiwi Fern to others?
I would definitely recommend Kiwifern to anybody that is looking to migrate to New Zealand. I don’t have the words to explain how smooth the process was and Aparna actually helped us through the entire process. I would definitely recommend 110% to anybody looking to migrate to New Zealand. That’s the way to go.

Work Visa Assistance

Listen to Vishal speak about how Kiwi Fern assisted him with his Work Visa.

Hi my name is Vishal and this is my lovely wife Preetika. Hello. We are both from the same town which is called Firozpur, it’s in the northern part of India.
When did you come to New Zealand?
We came to New Zealand in June 2010, to get my New Zealand diploma in management level 6. That’s the process here in NZ, when you finish your studies, you get a one year work visa, following this I got a 2 year work visa too. Then I have to go through the essential skills category, for which I had chosen KiwiFern Immigration, recommended by one of their previous clients.
Why did you choose KiwiFern?
Because the current role I’m working in, as a restaurant manager, which is under the skill migrant category. Normally from what I’ve seen in the past with other people, you get only one year essential skill visa, but when I applied with them, I got three years, which was quite surprising for me but at the same time I was very happy. So I will be applying for my residence visa very soon.
How did you find with Kiwi Fern?
Well I personally highly recommend to others. The reason being, I haven’t had the best experience in the past with other immigration advisors. And the way Kiwifern handled my essential skills visa was fantabulous for me. And one more thing, Aparna Prakash, I have to mention her name because she is a very nice lady and she always give us the family atmosphere, so we always feel free to ask any questions that come to mind, including Mr. Rattan Prakash as well. So if you want any immigration services on your pathway to your work visa, your essential skills visa and your residence visa, do not hesitate to contact them. They are very nice and supportive to us and to you as well.

Work Visa Assistance

Listen to Karan speak about his experience of working with Kiwi Fern on his Work Visa.

Hi my name Karan and I came with my spouse in the first week of November, 2015 as she wants to pursue her studies with a graduate diploma in IT, in New Zealand.
Why did you get in touch with Kiwifern?
I was aware about the fact that I would get the tourist visa first and after 3 months we were eligible to apply for the work visa as the criteria is that you have to convince Immigration NZ that you are in a stable and genuine relationship. So after 3 months I was looking for a licensed immigration advisor, and a friend of my spouse let us know about Kiwifern, because she was already a client with them.
How was your experience with Kiwifern?
It was really smooth, why I say this is because they asked for very simple documents, they cleared any doubts and enquiries I had and the best part was even if I had queries that were relevant or irrelevant, if I make a call in the morning or evening they are always available to answer. And when I applied according to their guidance with whatever documents required, within 3 or 4 business days, I received my passport back with my visa. So it was very smooth.
How likely are you to recommend Kiwifern to others?
Me and spouse are really glad that we are one of their clients. We strongly recommend everyone. If anyone wants to get in touch with me, I would be more than happy. Even now I will remain with KiiwFern, especially Aparna ma’am, for my future transactions.

Work Visa Assistance

Listen to Rowena share her experience of working with Kiwi Fern on her Work Visa.

Hi, I am Rowena and I have come to New Zealand in December 2016 on a dependent work visa where my husband is on student visa.
Why did you choose Kiwi Fern for your immigration needs?
In order to apply for dependent work visa, we were actually looking for few of consultants and getting some help from people, but the best piece of advice we got was from Kiwi Fern Immigration Services because they gave us honest advice and proper list of documents along with information that we were looking for.
How was your experience with Kiwi Fern?
I really want to thank Mr. Rattan Prakash and Mrs. Aparna Prakash as they gave us list of documents that was very helpful for us to prepare for our visa application and because of them we were able to get my dependent work visa in less than a month and it was hassle free.
How likely are you to recommend Kiwi Fern to others?
I would definitely recommend Kiwi Fern Immigration to my friends and family as they gave us the right piece of advice as per our requirements, secondly availability and approachability because of which my husband and I are in New Zealand. It is not a business relationship we are carrying forward but more of family and friendship now.

Residence Visa – Onshore

Listen to Shubham speak about his experience of working with Kiwi Fern on his NZ residence application.

Hi, I am from India – Punjab, Ludhiana.
When did you come to New Zealand?
I came to New Zealand in 2011 to do National Diploma in Business – Level 5
Why did you choose to move to New Zealand?
Actually my friends are residents in New Zealand and they suggested to me that New Zealand is a good place. So I came here in 2011 to study. I got a job on my student visa and I am still working with the same company.
What made to stay in New Zealand after completing your studies?
I was not planning to stay here but when I went to south island, it is so beautiful that I decided to stay in New Zealand and go for my residence application in future. When I got my job search visa, my employer told me that they are opening up stores in different places in New Zealand. I worked in Wellington and then I worked in Dunedin as well.
Why did you need Immigration related advice?
There was a case officer and she told me..that time I had a visa from Wellington and I was thinking like I am working for the same company, same owner so I can work from any branch in New Zealand. She told me that you are breaching the contract and you can’t do that. If you chance the place, you have to do VOC. First time I came to know about VOC..what is VOC.
How did you choose Kiwi Fern services?
I called Kiwi Fern, I talked to Aparna and I told her the whole situation. Every immigrant whether he/she is an Indian or any other nationality, they must go with a licensed immigration adviser or lawyer. They must check it before they go ahead. I suggest them to go with Kiwi Fern Immigration because they helped me a lot. If I did not know about them, I would not be here in New Zealand today. Their process is really good, I loved it and I suggest every friend of mine to go through them.
So, did you get your residency?
I got my residency last year.

Residence Visa – Onshore

Listen to Kumuthan speak about his experience of working with Kiwi Fern on his NZ residence application.

Residence Visa – Offshore

Listen to Rahul and his family speak about their experience of working with Kiwi Fern on their Offshore NZ Residence Visa.

Hello, I am Aashman and I am 5 years old. My family is from India.
Hi, my name is Nisha Chandratreya and I am his mom. We are from Pune and I am 33 years old.
Hi There, My name is Rahul, I am his dad. I am from Pune too and I am 35 years old.
Why did you choose New Zealand?
I always wanted to move to a country that was calmer which offered an excellent lifestyle overall and New Zealand seems to be the apt choice at that moment and that’s how we came to New Zealand.
Why was Kiwi Fern the best choice?
The journey for us was not easy as this is a difficult and massive choice and we went through a lot of unprofessional consultants, tacky service, and no rapport at all and no confidence generated. We were really frustrated as we spent a lot of money on wrong consultants.
As far as Kiwi Fern is concerned, they have always been very clear and well planned. They are very professional and friendly. Most important aspect is that they use to give us regular updates at every step of immigration process and it was process driven throughout the journey.
Would you recommend Kiwi Fern to others?
Absolutely, I think Kiwi Fern did a fantastic job overall. We were very happy. They were very professional, very friendly indeed. We will definitely recommend to anybody as I think the biggest ability to understand and sympathize with people. We know that it is not an easy decision for people and people like us would definitely need somebody who would be there throughout the process. Cheers and thank you so much.