#Tipoftheweek: Evidence for Partnership applications

Kia ora everyone!

This week we take a brief look at evidences for partnership applications, the four fold test and crucial information to focus on when lodging a Partnership application. Please remember that every case is different and applications are assessed on their own merit.

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2 thoughts on “#Tipoftheweek: Evidence for Partnership applications

  1. Hi Aparna,

    I noticed that during the video you mentioned that couples interested in applying for a partner work visa need to have been living together for 12 months. I have read that this is the case for partner residence visas, but that partner work visas bear no similar requirement. Is this the case? My girlfriend and I are trying to work out whether it is worth our while attempting an application, but we will have been together for less than 12 months at the time of our application.


    • Dear Jack,
      Thank you for watching the video. All partnership visa applications whether temporary or residence are assessed on the basis of living together for 12 months. However visitor visa are granted for partners where there is a cultural marriage.

      The visitor visa is granted for the couple to live together to fulfill the 12 month criteria. The onus is upon you to prove that your relationship is genuine and stable. I cannot provide a detailed assessment based on the limited information that I have.

      It is best to find a licensed adviser in the country that you live in to seek professional advise. Below is the link

      If you want to have a chat to me, feel free to email me in detail about your situation.


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