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Information Technology

If you are an IT professional and want to check if your role is in skill shortage in New Zealand, you can visit to enter your role and explore the skill shortage list the role falls under.

Career Options:

  • Software engineer
  • Web developer
  • Analyst Programmer
  • Developer Programmer
  • ICT Business Analyst
  • ICT Project Manager
  • Network Administrator
  • Software Tester

These are some of the roles that fall under the Long term skill shortage and skilled migrant category in New Zealand. There are other roles in the list so we encourage you to have a look and think about the occupation that is the right match based on your qualifications and work experience. You may have had different job titles but your responsibilities/tasks and your qualifications should match the selected occupation’s required standards.

Study Programmes

For students who have completed their high secondary qualification, diploma or bachelor degree in India in computer science, engineering or Information and communication technology stream, there are some good options.

  • Bachelor of IT: Good option for students who have finished their higher secondary education in India and want to study IT in New Zealand. The study programme offers specializations in Applied Data Science, Cyber Security, Interaction Design, Networking and Infrastructure or Software Development. It is a 3 year full time study programme and you get to complete an industry project in your final year. This degree has been accredited by the industry, represented by IT professionals New Zealand. You can also read a blog by our bachelor of IT student about the experience and thoughts on the programme.
  • Graduate Diploma in Information Technology (Level 7): Good option for students and professionals who have completed their Bachelor or Diploma in India with no or some IT based work experience. It is a one year full time programme. It is aimed at highly-skilled network and data professionals, coders, system architects, developers, business analysts, cybersecurity experts, and other work-ready ICT professionals. You can choose a specialization similar to the options available in the Bachelor of IT programme.
  • Graduate Diploma in Cyber security (Level 7): Good option for students or professionals who are working or want to develop skills in security or incident management, digital/network forensics analyst, security developer or want to provide cyber security related support. It is a one year full time study programme.
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology (Level 8): Good option for professionals wanting to enhance their skills and develop a network in New Zealand. This is a one year full time study programme and has elective options such as Business Intelligence and Data Mining, Mobile application development, Cloud Computing and ICT Infrastructure, Network security and forensics, Information management, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, Information assurance, Network fundamentals and Cyberethics. It is a one year study programme.
  • Master of Information Technology (Level 9): Good option for experienced IT professionals wanting hands on research on any of the specializations such as data mining, cloud computing, business analysis, business intelligence, ICT infrastructure, information management, mobile devices, network design and management, security and forensics, quality assurance, and systems architecture. It is a one and a half year full time study programme and offers a pathway to higher studies at PhD level in New Zealand or overseas.

Demand: The demand for most of the roles in the IT sector is good and the pay ranges between 55,000 NZD - 100,000 NZD depending on your qualification and experience. Ref: Careers NZ website.

Registration: IT Professionals NZ is the professional body for Software and IT professionals in New Zealand. You can learn more about ITP NZ here.

If you would like to discuss the right study programme or visa option, please feel free to submit the enquiry form and one of our team members will get in touch with you.

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