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New Zealand - Student Visa

Why New Zealand

If you are a fan of Bollywood films, you will surely have seen some of New Zealand’s picturesque hot spots. If you are a cricket fan you would know of Brendon McCullum, Kane Williamson or Trent Boult from the Black Caps Cricket Team.

Many of these players are also in the Indian Premier League and two of the most successful teams Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians have players from New Zealand. New Zealand is a small, peaceful and multicultural nation perched on the farthest end of the world with our Australian neighbours and populated with some of the best. For example, the likes of Sir Richard Hadlee and Sir Edmund Hillary are New Zealanders.

New Zealand’s education system is very well structured and helps students gain practical experience making them industry ready. Students can get quality education with state of the art facilities with the help of an excellent teaching faculty. The cost of studying is less expensive than in UK, USA, Canada.

It is one of the most favoured destinations for international students with excellent job opportunities post completion of studies. There are a wide selection of programs for students to choose from. However, students should be mindful that their program prioritises their passions while also considering the skills in demand for employment.

Here are some useful links for students to look at before selecting an appropriate program:

Why Kiwi Fern

Our director, Aparna Prakash, is a licensed immigration adviser with a strong educational background. She has been a teacher in India, Thailand and New Zealand with 30+ years of experience. She continues to teach at a Secondary School in New Zealand. This experience coupled with her sound knowledge of the New Zealand Immigration system helps prospective students immensely in choosing the right pathway for them.

We suggest students select programs that cultivates their interest while maximising their potential to gain employment and residence. We keep in mind the ability and interests of the prospective student and their family.

We are one of the few agencies based in New Zealand with local knowledge and experience. Our Student agent comes with learning and technology industry experience. He is able to facilitate admissions to a variety of institutions in New Zealand and in other countries .

Once the course (Certificate, Diploma, Degree or Masters) is selected following counselling sessions with the student, our team of licensed immigration advisors would provide immigration advice and assist you with lodging the visa application with Immigration New Zealand.

Post Study Options

  • You may be eligible for a post study work visa for three years if you study a Level 7 Bachelor's Degree or Level 8 to 10 qualification that has been studied full time in New Zealand.
  • If you study a Level 7 Graduate Diploma that has been studied full- time for at least 30 weeks in New Zealand ,then you may be eligible for one year ,plus one year if the applicant is in the process of gaining registration with a registration authority and meets the requirements. You get two years if the study is undertaken outside Auckland and completed by 31 December 2021.
  • Any other level 7 qualification that has been studied full-time for at least 30 weeks in New Zealand, You get one year or two years depending on whether the study is completed outside of Auckland and completed by 31 December 2021.
  • You could also study a single qualification at level 4 to 6 that has been studied for two years ,you may be eligible for a work visa for one or two years depending on whether the study is undertaken outside Auckland and completed by 31 December 2021.
  • You could have studied two qualifications at levels 4 to 6 full-time for at least 60 weeks in New Zealand (including at least 30 weeks per qualification) and the second qualification is at a higher level on the NZQF than the first qualification. The qualifications must have commenced in either the same or consecutive calendar years , then you may be eligible for a work visa for one or two years depending on whether the study is undertaken outside Auckland and completed by 31 December 2021.


Every program has a different level of English language proficiency for non Native english speakers along with previous qualification, scores/grades and work experience. Our team can guide you further on the requirements depending on the program you select.

All visa applications must meet health and character requirements as per New Zealand Immigration System.

Our Partners

Some of the partner organisations we refer programs to are displayed below.




Whitireia New Zealand








Popular Options -

  • Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Competency Assessment Program for Nurses
  • Bachelor of Teaching
  • Bachelor of Applied Management
  • Diploma in Cookery
  • Graduate Diploma in Applied Management
  • New Zealand Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Civil)
  • Graduate Diploma in Engineering
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education
  • Master of Information Technology


"It was a seamless experience applying for a visa, arriving and settling in New Zealand. Thanks to Kiwi Fern. I always recommend them to all my friends” – Purnansh Davawala, studying Bachelor of IT at Weltec

"I would not have been in New Zealand if it was not for the support and guidance offered by Kiwi Fern.” – Gautam Mehta, studying Bachelor of IT at Weltec

"I always seek guidance from Mrs Aparna Prakash as she has been a teacher in India and New Zealand and understands my passion and abilities.” – Komal, studying beauty therapy at Weltec

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