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Why New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the few countries that puts families first. An employees well-being is very important to organisations that employ you thereby creating a perfect work-life balance.

Having worked in both India and New Zealand, our team can guide you on what to expect when you transition to the land of the long white cloud.

Working in New Zealand will prove to be an invaluable experience and you will immediately spot some notable differences to work experiences you may have had back home.

Professionalism, punctuality, honesty and hard work are some of the things that all kiwi businesses expect.

Companies in New Zealand respect your culture and expect you to do the same. They value work and family equally and put people first.

The New Zealand Immigration link below provides some great insights of how it is to work in New Zealand.

Why Kiwi Fern

You may have finished your study programme in New Zealand and are eligible for a post study work visa or you may be successful under an essential skills visa. Watch our video on tips for essential skills visa.

You could be married recently or are a partner of a New Zealand citizen or resident and applying for a work visa or you are applying for a visa as a partner of a student. Watch our video on tips for partnership applications.

Our experienced team has helped many immigrants and is happy to have a chat and discuss further with you. Watch some of our clients share their experiences.

New Zealand Essential Skills Work Visa

This visa can be applied when you are successful in gaining employment onshore or offshore. The onus of finding employment is on the client. However we have a pool of resources and tips that we can point to in gaining an offer of employment. It must be noted that gaining employment from offshore can be a difficult process unless you have an offer of employment from an accredited employer. Read our blog here.

Most employers would like you to have a valid visa in order to apply for the positions which means the applicant either holds a post study open work visa, any other work visa or a skilled migrant job search visa.

This is a skill based visa that is granted between one year to three years depending on the skill band. The skill band is determined based on the hourly wage for the position.

The ANZSCO code also plays an important part in determining the skill level of an occupation. It also depends upon the skills shortages in regions and the long term skills shortage whether a labour market test is required by the employer to support your application. You can check the same using the link below.

Work visas for Partners of New Zealand Citizens or Residents

Partners of New Zealand citizens or residents are eligible for a work visa if they are living together in a genuine and stable relationship.

Special Work Visas For Partners Of Student Visa Holders

Special work visa holders may be granted multiple entry work visa if their partner holds a student visa to study for a level 7 or 8 qualification on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF) in the area of absolute skill shortage as specified in the Long Term Skill Shortage List or a student visa to study for a level 9 or 10 qualification on the NZQF.

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